Employee Benefits Providers

Provider Name Website Phone Additional Info
Health Care Program UMR.com 1-866-868-7406 Group #76420019
Prescription Drug Plan Express-Scripts.com 1-877-613-1215
Managed DentalGuard (Prepaid) GuardianAnytime.com 1-888-618-2016
DentalGuard (Indemnity) GuardianAnytime.com 1-800-541-7846
Short Term Disability - Guardian GuardianAnytime.com 1-800-268-2525
Long Term Disability - Guardian GuardianAnytime.com 1-800-538-4583
Voluntary Life Insurance - Guardian GuardianAnytime.com 1-800-525-4542
401(k) – Empower EmpowerMyRetirement.com 1-800-338-4015 Plan #456611
Avesis Vision Avesis.com 1-800-952-6674 Group #003679099
Ulliance – Employee Assistance Program LifeAdvisor.com 1-800-448-8326 Welcome Video Portal Login Flyer

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Benefit Summary Overview
Benefit Plan SPD (Summary Plan Description)
Model Notices
Employee Assistance Program Overview
Employee Assistance Program Slipsheet
How to Find a Dental or Vision Provider
UMR Online Services
Temporary Vision Card

Employee Forms and Resources

Mission Statement and Core Values
IT Welcome Sheet
Employee Portal Setup Guide
Audi Dominion Employee Portal
Cavender Toyota Employee Portal
Internal Transfer Form
Worker's Comp Information and Form
Credit Card Documents
Gold's Gym: Membership Form
Gold's Gym: Membership Info Flier
Gold's Gym: Membership Locations
Gold's Gym: Temporary Pass

Other Forms and Resources

KPA Instructions
Employee Transfer Request Form
Email On Phone Instructions
Employee PTO Request Form
Employee Vacation Request Form
Three Account Direct Deposit Form
Docuware - How To Store Documents
DocuWare - How To Search with Search Tips

United Way

Emerging Leaders Council
Frequently Asked Questions
Your Dollars in Action
How Dollars Make an Impact
Impact Guide and Partner Codes